Do you remember Eliza Doolittle? Yes? No? A tiny bell might be ringing somewhere in the distant, a tiny bell from 2010 that is called Pack Up. That song the radio played until you screamed "I DON'T CARE WHAT THE PEOPLE MAY SAY" and then it died out, thank god. And so did Eliza Dolittle's career, thank god. But. Something has arisen. 
Dark smokey soul with subtle R&B vibes, how does that sound? I don't know about you, but I know about me, and to me that sounds like today's ELIZA. More specifially, it sounds like the bass line of Wasn't Looking. You know those moments when you're shook by the intro of a song? Shook to the actual core of your breathing human being in this moment? When I heard the bass, the low key funky beat, all the other thoughts in my head (climate change, boys, why are my feet cold, am I hungry?) vanished. Just like that. 
Throughout the song, the beat stays the same. I enjoy monotone sounds in music, or rather, when the majority of a song is almost exactly the same all the way through - instruments, lyrics, feeling - but it ends up having my full attention every second. That is skillful. In this song it’s much thanks to her voice and the echoing harmonies that my attention and feelings clinge to. And this beat, damn. It's hot. For real. Not sleezy, just fucking steaming hot. This is not A foreplay-song, this is THE (most obvious) foreplay-song, okay? Drag it, drop it in your seducing playlist. We all have one, admit it, at least mentally we do. 
COLORS put up an amazing version. Check it out, drool, try to sing along and then accept the defeat that is your voice. Poorer quality but a more real live version can be found here. I can’t be the only one who likes to check out how it REALLY sounds, for real in a crappy bar, where I could find myself. Like, what would I get if I actually went to a show today? Those recordings are pure, maybe not the sound, but the performances yes, damn, if it clicks for me with a video like this, it clicks fore reallllll. So thank you, stranger on youtube for putting it up. If all you need is the bass and the voice listen to THIS beautifully shot video. I just wanna move to London, record mind blowing soul and be... hot...? Moving on. 
Despite that, I chose Livid when asked to play something, not seducing because believe me there was no seducing left do be done that night, but you know, something nice. I felt that love was not something I wanted to bring up mentally, for neither of us, he just better know what's good. So I picked this and my inner kitten purred. God. Now I’m sounding sleezy? Anywho. 
The latest single All Night is just as sexy monotonous if not even more than its predecessors. Nothing too distracting when you have your tongue down someone else's throat. If you like it like that. 
I think we all can learn that it's never too late to change for the better. And thank god ELIZA did.